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2011 10man team1:
(Changes will be made in January)



Melee DPS



Ranged DPS


Current guild progress:
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Pandemonium: 1. wild confusion; uproar 2. a place of uproar and chaos

So i finally made it into the beta this morning, and i luckily managed to complete the first couple of quests and made it beyond this point before going to work. Then things turned apeshit bananas.

It would seem that our officers and I won’t have time to focus on raiding dragon soul as we had initially planned, as we all want to focus on the more important part of life; school. We will take a hiatus until ‘Mists of Panderia’ is released, which is sure to be soon (tm). Untill that time, all my spare time will go into playing diablo3, which looks terrific

The Ventrilo server is offline atm due to a bounced payment, but i will bring it back online later in January, in time for raids to start again.

Come new year, we will have to switch out some members on the raid team, due to the previous raiding times being too short, and hindering progression. We thank you for your understanding, and will contact the affected individuals at such a time when the choice is made. We need people who are dedicated, and also have the possibility of staying with the team, for everyones mutual benefit, and not taking off too early, not bothering to learn from mistakes, or properly prepare. For this coming raiding season we will also try to put together a loot distribution system, og if not, clear loot distribution rules for our raid team, as there were some grievances last year regarding loot distribution, although we tried to be as fair as we could (As reflected in the earlier post on this site).

The new loot distribution will be, as i have concluded from talking with officers within the guild, more focused on progressing individuals, and strengthening one players dps, healing or tanking, in other words, gearing one player at a time. Such a system would work for two reasons, first, because gearing up one player is much wiser than simply throwing loot around. We will strengthen the core raiders, who always show up, and always put their time and skills into it. Secondly, it will lead to a goal for us in the raid group to work towards. By only offering gear to players who actually show up, and pull their weight, it encourages us to do exactly that. Such a system would be compatible with a DKP system, but this remains to be discussed with our raid leader, and officers. Such a system is good in itself, but will not function unless the whole raid consists of reliable players, like guild members. This is the reason, why, regrettably, we will have to replace certain players who performed disappointingly, either in pure performance, or in attendance, participation and team-building. Until then, have a happy holiday! I look forward to playing with all of you in the months to come of the new year. Although we all have killed Deathwing in LFR by now, the real challenge still remains.

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Petanca, GM Powerkings

There will be a break in raiding ,from now, untill the start of january. The reason for this break is largely due to us being a casual guild, with many students, and thus many exams. As we would like people to focus on those, and get good grades (me included) we have postponed raiding. Also, a lot of our members will be working this holiday, trying to manage our student loans. I imagine we will start raiding about 5th of january, (earliest) and until then i encourage you to PUG, use the raid finder, or if you want leave the guild. If you stay, see you next year!

Good job on defeating Alysrazor guildies, we now have 4/7 bosses on farm. As for Baleroc, we had a few nice tries, but after the guild members left it went downhill. This is why we need all guild members to meet up for raids, as pugs just don’t cut it. (I do understand people that have to leave and go to bed, and everyone who shows up and are dedicated every raid, ignore this message).

Here is a picture of Baleroc raping the raid:

Until the next time, have fun in wow!

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This is our current rank on Darksorrow

WoW Guild Rankings

Our 10man did a good job today, downing Lord Ryolith. We will continue with Alysrazor next raid (keep a look out in calendar). Remember to sign up, and show up.

This is the loot distribution so far. I will keep making posts like these after every raid, to help us keep track of what players receive which gear, and to try and gear up all participating members equally

Robes of smoldering devastation

Lightforged Elementium Hammer

Funeral Pyre

Spidersilk Spindle

Skullstealer Greataxe

Spire of scarlet pain

Bracers of the Dread Hunter

Lightforged Elementium Hammer

Legplates of Frenzied Devotion

Ranseur of Hatred

Widows’s Kiss

Dreadfire Drape

The Lightforged Elementium Hammers were crafted for the healers, and paid for in part by BOE’s that dropped in the raid.

- Petanca, GM Powerkings

“At the moment, we have a problem where people are not showing up at raids, or show up, but have to leave early. We also have a problem where we have too much melee dps(dk, warrior), and lack ranged, and healers, we need different classes so we can buff the group, So, due to this “discovery”, we can not offer a raid spot to Morgrath :( if Ungues is online. Zepospanda can choose, to stay as healer, and Luxter will be set to Damage as an Enhancement shaman, or Luxter as healer and Zepos as Feral. But for the group its preferred,  due to buffs, that Zepos heals. (See the earlier post for a breakdown of classes and the buffs they bring to the raid). 

The situation between Twits an Grom has to be solved in between the deathknights, “(i vote for a duel in Nagrand arena while the guild cheer and applaud, and the looser will get stripped naked, and dropped from Petanca´s flying mount )

“There is also another way to solve this, the way we do that, is by making a second raid group, promote a Team 2 raid leader that manage a raid. And then the Tier 2 are  on they’re own, since Twits, Morgrath and Zepospanda already have quite desent gear, & count as 30% of a raid it should be easy for them to find dedicated players to join, if you want to do so. Me (Jabb) can also assist you in your first raid as a new group, in being raid leader, and assist in finding players, if you want that”

-Jabbgibb, Raid leader Powerkings